Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Do you like your new health-care options under Obamacare?

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As of Oct. 1, most Americans will be required to purchase government-approved health insurance plans or pay steadily increasing fines. Suffice to say that under new government rules and regulations, you will likely be getting less care from fewer doctors for more money, your insurance companies will drop or severely curtail plans they previously offered, businesses will be laying off employees and not hiring new employees because of the increased cost of government mandates, and Americans left without insurance options because of this new mandate will be forced into government-run exchanges that probably won't offer them the care they're expecting or needing.

This site is dedicated to your stories--what coverage are you losing, what jobs are you losing and how much more money are you having to pay for health care coverage because of this heavy-handed, top-down mandate from Washington? 

I'll also gladly publish stories of any positive developments that might arise through Obamacare...but I'm guessing there won't be many, because someone has to pay for what Obama is promising, and government promises only go so far when a government is $17 TRILLION in debt.

I'll publish all submissions to this blog, although I reserve the right to edit them for the sake of keeping this site PG-13.

So fire away. What is Obamacare doing to your life, your job, your money, your family?


  1. Remember how much he lies? "We are no longer a Christian nation",
    "A distgusting video was on youtube denouncing the prophet mohamad", and "you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." What a huge liar.

    1. Let's stay focused only on Obama's health care lies on this page. ;) If we were to post about ALL of Obama's lies, well, I'd never get anything else done. :)