Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Canadian likes his "free" health care but flies out of U.S. to escape Canadian taxes

So tonight I struck up a conversation with a man at a restaurant, and he said he was in town on business but that he was flying back to Canada tonight.

From Canada, eh?

So I asked him if he'd heard about the launch of Obamacare here, and he said yes, and that it was great being from Canada, since the government provided health care for all of the citizens.

I asked him where he was from and he said he lived about an hour away from Toronto, but that he was flying into Buffalo, N.Y., and then driving two hours to his hometown. I was intrigued and asked him why he didn't just fly into Toronto. Well, he said, he flew in and out of Buffalo because the taxes were really high on airfare out of Canadian cities.

What's Canadian slang for "hope and change"?

There's your "free" health care, sir. Your flight isn't the only thing that's soaring into the stratosphere.

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